"Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy."

--Ludwig van Beethoven

Piano lessons at your place or mine. For info about online lessons, please click the video below. 

Lessons are available in or near Lakewood, OH

and also via the computer.

Online classes are now available!  

Click on this link for more info...

If you live in or near Lakewood, OH, we can have lessons in person.  Or, we can have live lessons, via computer, each in our own home.  The computer piano lessons work if you'd rather not drive to lessons, or if you live further away, even very far away, like hundreds or thousands of miles away.  Sometimes people refer to these as "Skype lessons," because of the commonly known Skype software that enables people to chat via video. 

Here's how that works:

Use your ​desktop or laptop internet connection to join the teacher at the lesson time.  We actually use Zoom, which is a free video conferencing software, similar to Skype.  It's easy to set up.  We can see and hear each other, and have a live, online lesson, without either of us leaving home.  It's very convenient.  And it works well for piano lessons. 

For the live computer lessons you need:

1) A fairly decent desktop or laptop computer, with either a built-in or external mic, webcam, and speakers.  


2) A high-speed internet connection.

3) A keyboard or piano near your computer.

Most recent computers have built-in equipment that's adequate for the job.  Some people purchase external webcams that start at around $30. 


If you're interested in online piano lessons but aren't sure about it,

we can have a free, informal, 15-minute lesson, so you can see how it works.

My schedule is flexible Mon-Thurs.

You can schedule a free trial lesson, with no obligation.

Alternately, if you're more comfortable doing the online lessons through a company, please follow

this link to my Lessonface account.  Lessonface is an online lesson company, and it shows

that I passed the background check, etc.




Lessons are $25-35/half hour, depending on the chosen location.  

Contact me at:

Beverly Cashin

bevcash@cox.net       216-548-3125

Or, fill in the form below and I'll contact you.

Online and in-home lessons are available Mon-Thurs.

Beverly Cashin       Lakewood, Oh       216-548-3125       

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