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Ms. Cashin provides live piano music for private functions.

Her music covers a variety of styles, including pop, jazz, classical, show tunes, rock, and R&B.

The overall style is pretty, relaxing background music


Please contact for details.  

To hear one of my original songs, please click the video below. 


                         For a partial song list, please click this link:                                 



"We're so glad you played at our Christmas party this year.  The person we had before played too loud, and people couldn't talk.  We'll definitely have you back next year."

                                                             --Joyce (private party hostess)


"Your music is the perfect background music.  We've enjoyed chatting and listening."

                                                              --"Mary" (Ferris customer)

"Thank you for the Stevie Wonder song.  You took good care of us."

                                                                       --Nina (bride at wedding)


"Your playing is so relaxing.  We love hearing the old songs."

                                                             --Mary Louise (Gardens at Westlake resident.)


"That Moody Blues song you played is one of my favorites."

                                                             --"Tom" (private party guest)

"I was so happy when you played Just a Closer Walk.  It was my grandmother's favorite."

                                                             --Lillian (Ferris customer)


"My son was so excited when you played Star Wars for him."

                                                             --"Stan"  (Ferris customer)

"That was so beautiful.  When are you coming again?"

                                                             --"Susan"  (Gardens at Westlake resident.)

"Thank you for playing those Beatles tunes.  I'm a big Beatles fan."

                                                             --"Dan"  (Ferris customer)


I loved it when you played Pachelbel's Cannon.  It's one of my favorites."

                                                             --"Sheila"  (Ferris customer)

"Your music is so relaxing.  It made my evening."

                                                             --"Jane" (Ferris customer)

"You're an excellent pianist.  I knew every song you played."

                                                            --"John"  (Ferris customer.)


"I was so stressed when I came in for dinner, and your music helped me relax.  It was the perfect end to a long day."

                                                            --"Dinah" (Ferris customer) 


"Your music is perfect - pretty and not too loud.  Exactly what we need."

                                                            --Ferris manager 


"I'm so glad you didn't play too loud for us to be able to talk.  It was a very nice dinner, and your music made it even nicer."

                                                           --"Susan"  (Ferris customer)

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