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Learn about learning. . . at home. TheHomeSchoolMom has encouragement, advice, resources, curriculum reviews, organization tools, and more!  Click this link to find out all about it.  A large amount of information! 


Making Music Fun - 700+ free and premium resources to download and print, including industry-leading free sheet music with a emphasis on beginner piano sheet music, music theory worksheets and games, great composer resources and music award certificates.  Click this link to see the free sheet music that's available. 


​Learning to play an instrument can help your child fine-tune her ear and enhance skills needed for education and social interaction.  Read this article from Parent Magazine.




Neuroscientists from Harvard and other universities conducted a study about the effect of playing music on mature brains.  Here are some quotes from the paper describing the study:


"Music-making is a widespread leisure and professional activity that has garnered interest over the years due to its effect on brain and cognitive development and its potential as a rehabilitative and restorative therapy of brain dysfunctions. We investigated whether music-making has a potential age-protecting effect on the brain...In this study, we determined the impact of long-term

instrumental music-making on the mature brain...Both [amateur and professional]

groups of musicians had BrainAGE scores that suggested younger brains than those of a matched group of non-musicians; amateur musicians had the youngest appearing brains."

Click the link to read about the study. 


Musical Glossary for kids

This is a pleasant, basic glossary of the terms most often used in playing music.  Plus, there are several links for additional learning, such as links to info about baroque music.  Interestingly, the blog is part of a store that sells theater seating for homes!  Someone showed me the blog, so here it is for you. 


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