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Gone are the days when we played our favorite vinyl albums for our friends.  But we can still share good discoveries.  Youtube is a great place to learn about music.  I'll give links to some of my favorites, along with why they mean so much to me.  I'll include various genres, and will keep adding videos as time goes by. 


I hope you enjoy them too.    

John Field, 18 Nocturnes.  This video showcases about 1.5 hours of delightfully pretty piano music.  John Field (1782-1837, Irish) was the inventor of the nocturne.  Benjamin Frith is the performer in the video, and his playing is lovely!  He has such a great touch.  When I listen to this music,  I feel happy inside.  There's something kind of celestial about it.  It's nice pretty music with lots of chromatic movement to add spice to it. Click the link and enjoy!


This performance of the Beatles' While My Guitar Gently weeps took place at the 2004 tribute to George Harrison.  Tom Petty is the main vocalist.  It's a nice video until Prince begins an extended guitar solo at 3:27 into the video.  At that point it becomes completely awesome!  Prince's playing and showmanship are mesmerizing.  Notice how the energy of the entire band increase manyfold while Prince is playing.  An outstanding performance!


"Freeborn Man."  Whether or not you like bluegrass, this performance is bound to impress and excite.  These guys are some serious players!  Tim Rice, Bela Fleck and others play guitar, violin, dobro, mandolin, banjo and stand-up bass.  Check it out!  

Soprano Nancy Lundy performs the Bachianas Brasileiras No. 5 along with 8 cellists in New York in 2011.  The composer is Heitor Villa-Lobos, (1887-1959, Brazilian).  Villa-Lobos wrote the Bachianas Brasileiras in an attempt to adapt Bach/Baroque musical styles to Brazilian music.  I love the moment Ms. Lundy begins to sing.  Her voice comes in like a whisper that becomes a soaring performance. 


A more laid back performance of the same piece.  Bachianas Brasileiras No. 5 by H. Villa-Lobos performed by Kaori Fujii (flute) and Eric Cecil (guitar).  When the flute melody comes in, it affects me a lot.






Whitney Houston sings the National Anthem at the Super Bowl in 1991.  Wow.  Her voice and spirit make me a little teary ever time I see this.  Her embellishments to the melody are simple and perfect. The performance begins at about 1:00.  Look at the expression of musical joy that crosses her face when her last note coincides with the drums at 3:05.  


This is a beautiful video about how music is used in daily life in traditional Africa and Asia.  Although at times I wish there were more explanations, it's a real treat to watch.  I enjoy the sincerity of the cultures.


Paul O'Dette performs Renaissance lute music by John Dowland (1563-1626).  A lute was (kind of) an early guitar.  A stringed instrument.  This album is so pleasant and mild.  The playing is very clear and light.  It's perfect for studying or simply sitting still to listen.  



This is a gem!  Eric Clapton and friends performs Over the Rainbow.  It's jazzy and low-key.  I love how clean and classy it is!  After introducing the band, the song starts at about 3:00, and at about 5:00, there is a delightful keyboard solo by David Sancious.  

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