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Neither a lofty degree of intelligence

nor imagination

nor both together

go to the making of genius. 

Love, love, love,

that is the soul of genius.

--W.A. Mozart

...some people want to get inside of something and discover, maybe, more richness.    --Bill Evans

Top 10 Reasons to play the piano

1) It makes you smarter.

2) It makes you happier.

3) It makes you tougher. (in a good way)

4) It makes you proud. (in a good way)

5) Your family will love it.

6) Your friends will love it.

7) It's better for you than video games.

8) It's better for you than TV.

9) You get to be in the music world.

10) Seriously, the ancient Greeks considered music to be

one of the highest forms of human thought.  

How great is that??

     Playing the piano adds something special to your life.  

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